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Explore our expertly curated collection of the Best Notion deals for Black Friday 2023, handpicked from across the internet. 

Find incredible offers on Notion templates, productivity enhancements, and collaboration tools, all in one place. 

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Notion Tools


Easily build your Knowledge Base with Notion
35% OFF with code black_friday_23 UPDATED

Build saleable Notion templates by creating widgets! This is a Notion widget tool.

Membership Management for Notion → Create a Notion website in 2 minutes and publish it to your own custom domain. Control access to your Notion site with Password Protection, Email Signup, Email Whitelist, or Paid Membership. Loads of customization option
40% OFF with code BFCM2023

Notion Backups UPDATED

Easily back up and restore your Notion workspaces
42% off of a yearly plan (promo code BLACKFRIDAY2023) UPDATED

With Notion as a CMS, build SEO-optimized, visually stunning websites and landing pages, knowledge bases, help docs, release notes, blogs, and more, all with no-code in a Jiffy!
50% OFF
Till end of this month.

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Notion Templates

Ultimate Content Planner OS UPDATED

Planning content with a content planner on Notion would help you be consistent on social media and grow your brand or your business.
20% OFF with coupon code HOLIDAY20 🔥

Passwords Vault UPDATED

Notion password management system designed to never forget a password again, ever.
20% OFF using coupon code HOLIDAY20 🔥

Notion Ultimate Time Tracker UPDATED

Take Control of Your Time with the Ultimate Time Tracker Notion Template like a pro
50% OFF (Code GITHADQ)

Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack UPDATED

This is the Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack. Its packed full with 50+ Templates and Documents that can be saved online or downloaded in PDF, CSV and even HTML
60% OFF. Lifetime Access and Updates. Use code: 60OFF50

Fuelance Freelance System UPDATED

Find Freelance Opportunities on Autopilot. Onboard Clients & Manage Projects Effortlessly. Fuelance helps you to find repeatable clients in record time and collaborate and communicate with them in customizable workspaces in real time.
70% OFF. Lifetime Access and Updates. Use code: 70OFFBF

24 Page Professional Resume, Cover Letter & References Bundle UPDATED

This Bundle will help to save you time and money when hunting your dream job. Full of everything you need to prepare and apply to jobs easily, it includes:
65% OFF Lifetime Access and Updates. Use code: 65OFF
9 Nov - 31 Dec


Manage your Company in one place, from the Lead through the Project and Task management to the Invoicing.
35% OFF, $19 $29 using code C9ZL29I 🔥 🔥

Social Content Planner UPDATED

Boost your Social Media Content easy with this Planner.
45% OFF, $5 $9 using code BJ134SC 🔥 🔥

My Life OS (Second Brain) UPDATED

Your second brain Notion Template. Supercharge and Manage Your Life in one place with this OS Notion Template.
35% OFF, $25 $39 using code C9ZL29I 🔥 🔥

Complete Bundle UPDATED

Complete Notion Bundle Pack that helps you manage your life and business in one place.
35% OFF, $59 $89 using code C9ZL29I 🔥 🔥

Freelancer Board UPDATED

Boost Your Freelance Business with this All-in-One Notion Template for Project Management, Task Manager, Finance Tracker, Meetings and CRM!
35% OFF, $19 $29 using code C9ZL29I 🔥 🔥

Course Builder UPDATED

Course Builder: Build, Manage, and Share Your Courses Effortlessly
50% off will be applied at checkout (Code GITHADQ) 🔥 🔥

Notion Ultimate Finance Board UPDATED

Manage and track your Finance in one place and Take Control of Your Finances with the Notion Ultimate Finance Board Template
50% off will be applied at checkout (Code GITHADQ) 🔥 🔥

Notion Ultimate CRM Board UPDATED

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Notion Ultimate CRM Board Template
50% off(Code GITHADQ) 🔥 🔥

Intranet Business OS Notion Template UPDATED

Optimize Project Management with Notion Intranet. Integration, Predictability, and Profitability for Companies.
50% off(Code GITHADQ) 🔥 🔥

NotionReads UPDATED

NotionReads is the ultimate Notion template to help you organize all of your bookshelves digitally. It integrates an interactive booksearch and lets you import directly from Goodreads.right inside of Notion.
20% off lifetime access with code BLACKFRIDAY
until November 30th

Universal Project Management v2.0 UPDATED

Take control of your projects This Notion template helps you take control of your projects and tasks, track the time and progress of your projects.