Hey there! I'm Tushar, the face behind With 13 years in the web development scene, I've seen the tech world evolve, and along with it, the exciting deals that pop up every Black Friday.

How It All Began

This little venture started as a simple deals page on my blog, Over time, I realized that the developer and designer community needed a dedicated space to find the best Black Friday deals without the hassle. And so, was born.

Why This Site?

I wanted to create a no-fuss, straightforward platform where devs and designers like myself could easily find the best deals during the Black Friday frenzy. No more sifting through endless pages or missing out on that awesome discount for your favorite tool. Just handpicked deals, all in one place.

Be Part of the Journey

The best part? You can help this platform grow! If you stumble upon a fantastic deal that's not yet on the site, feel free to add it. And if you love what you see, spreading the word goes a long way. Let's make this the go-to hub for all our Black Friday tech and design deals.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy deal hunting!