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Ship Fast

The NextJS boilerplate with all you need to build your SaaS, AI tool, or any other web app. From idea to production in 5 minutes.
Yet to be announced

Saas UI

Saas UI is a React component library and Next.js starterkit that doesn't get in your way and helps you build intuitive SaaS products with speed.
Yet to be announced

Blog Website Template, Ready to deploy UPDATED

This fully functional blog template is built in Next.js and Tailwind CSS, with all the essential integrations such as EmailOctopus and Google Analytics included out-of-the-box. Simply customize the design to fit your brand and start writing your first pos
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Launch Fast UPDATED

Launch your apps in hours with these Astro,Next.js and SvelteKit boilerplates
50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023

Best Next.js Templates, Boilerplates and Starters UPDATED

High-quality Next.js templates, starter kits, and boilerplates for your web projects. During the Black Friday Campaign, we offer a 40% Flat Discount on All Access Plans.
40% With code BLFCM2023
19th Nov To 27th Nov

Shipixen UPDATED

Make customized Next.js boilerplates & deploy to Vercel with a click.
50% on yearly plans with Discount code BF2023
Valid till 26th November

supastarter for Next.js 14 and Nuxt 3 UPDATED

Save time and focus on your business with our production-ready SaaS starter kits for Next.js and Nuxt. It comes with 🔐 Auth 🌏 i18n 💸 Billing 📧 Mails 📰 Blog 🪄 AI integration 🧩 UI 🔗 API
25% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

Nextless.js UPDATED

NextJs SaaS Boilerplate and React Starter Kit build in TypeScript styled with Tailwind CSS hosted on AWS. Nextless.js includes everything to start a SaaS in weeks instead of months: Authentication, Multi-tenancy & team support, Stripe Payment integration
66% OFF: Get access to the 3 databases instead of one for a single license
30 November