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Startup SaaS/Tools Black Friday Deals

Startup SaaS/Tools Deals

Pulsetic UPDATED

Get notified by phone calls, SMS, email, Telegram, or Slack when a website goes down. Enhance your company's transparency in the eyes of your customers by creating appealing status pages, badges, and issue management reports.
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Dewstack helps you build and host your documentation on your own domain with no technical knowledge. It can be a knowledge base, user manual, product doc or anything you need to host as a guide to your end users, Dewstack helps you do that in a Quick & Ea
Yet to be announced

Common Ninja

50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2250+ powerful no-code widgets and apps to enhance websites and e-commerce stores experience.
Yet to be announced


Report and fix bugs remarkably faster by adding 10X clarity to bug reports.
Yet to be announced


Create beautiful websites from Notion in just 5 minutes.
Yet to be announced

SaaS Inerface UPDATED

The world’s largest gallery of SaaS app design inspiration.
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Moonship UPDATED

Automated deployments on your AWS - in minutes! Experience Heroku-like developer experience on your own AWS account. Deploy to a production-ready infrastructure with minimal effort with Moonship.
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