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One click to hide desktop icons, minimise active apps, turn off speakers, change wallpaper, disable Notifications.
Yet to be announced


ScreenFocus follows your cursor and dims inactive monitors. It reduces brightness and allows you to focus.
Yet to be announced


Stand alone ad blocker for desktop and mobile
Yet to be announced

Workspaces UPDATED

Project-based launcher. Launch chosen apps, websites, files, folders etc. for a given project. With one click.
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Find My Ports UPDATED

Manage all your open development ports and remote Vercel deployment.
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Secrets for developers. Sync your .env files across machines, environments, and team members.
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All-in-one cross-platform window manager and switcher
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LambdaTest UPDATED

Perform unlimited website and app testing on LambdaTest’s cloud of 3000+ desktop and mobile browser environments up to 70% faster than any cloud grid.
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